14. Turning Efficiency into Money with Kevin and Marsha

Turning Efficiency into Money: Kevin and Marsha

Kevin Castel and Marsha Marseille are the creators of Castel Consulting, a high energy, results-driven consulting firm focusing on accounting, finances, and organization. They also host the podcast, Becoming Black Excellence, a raw podcast about progress, relationships, business, and wealth. Kevin and Marsha are married in life and business.

Join us, as we discuss Kevin and Marsha’s journey of building a life with a family while also finding financial stability through entrepreneurship. We talk about failures and successes that brought them to where they are today and how important structure in a business is.

Check out Castel Consulting Company and get in touch: castelconsultingcompany.com

Listen to Becoming Black Excellence: https://open.spotify.com/show/2k5OgALbdEsb0iXBY3O5XB

Key Ideas: Efficiency, Structure, Small Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Workflow, Family.

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