23. How to Meet the Emotional Needs of Customers and Grow Your Tribe with Deirdre Tshien.

How to Meet the Emotional Needs of Customers and Grow Your Tribe: Deirdre Tshien.

Deirdre Tshien in THE Growth Boss. Her plan was to go into the medical field, but she realized that she wasn’t meant to do that and became a banker. Banking just wasn’t matching her energy. After opening several restaurants, Deirdre realized she wanted to help other people grow their businesses. She turns eCommerce products into irresistible offers by using buyer psychology and creating a sales funnel.

Join us as we discuss growing your tribe, looking at things at a deeper level, and how storytelling is powerful in marketing.

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Key Ideas: Growth, Marketing, Storytelling, Psychology, eCommerce, Product, Mentorship.

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