Higher Education Guide: Use Social Media and Increase Prospects!

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Understanding Social Media Outlets Social media has become an increasingly important way to connect with potential students for schools of all sizes. Facebook has long been known as the most popular social media outlet with 87% of online adults aged 18 to 29 using the platform. However, Instagram (53%), Pinterest (34%), and Twitter (37%) are…

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Roanoke, VA SEO: A Quick & Dirty Guide to Local SEO Marketing

Photo of storefronts on a main street

Organizations (especially retail businesses and career colleges) hear a lot about “Local Search Marketing” and “Local SEO”. I put this quick and dirty guide together to help you understand the basics of local SEO and to give you some quick and easy pointers on how to improve your website’s position in search rankings. And I…

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How Colleges Should Use Pinterest

This article is part of our guide to Leverage Social Media and Increase Higher Education Prospects.. You can learn more about how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the earlier installations of this guide. Pinterest is a popular but often underutilized or improperly used platform. Founded in 2010, Pinterest has far more female users than male…

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Creating a Content Marketing Plan [Guide]

This guide will give you an easy, step-by-step process for creating a content marketing plan. You can use it to create an overall strategy for developing blog posts, which articles you want to share and highlight in social media, and to better understand your target market’s needs. We cover: What is Content Marketing and why…

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Why Your Website Should Use Google Analytics

This article is meant for senior level marketing VP’s or enrollment managers at businesses that have websites, but are not currently using any sort of tool to help measure their traffic and online marketing success. It is also for you if you are using an in-house hodge-podge of mysterious “reports” that are not easily accessible…

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5 Cool Things You Might Not Know About SEO

Every business with a website chases elusive first page rankings for the searches that will bring them customers. If you sell a product online to a nationwide audience, then you are competing with a wide variety of big players in any of the larger retail categories. If you are a local business – or a…

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