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What You Get When You Join the Digital Advisors Network.

The Digital Advisors Network is your total support system for your internal marketing team. Our senior consultants give you the tools and techniques to manage your Strategy Minded Marketing Team. Elite level practitioners and expert project managers show your staff how to become that team.

Marketing leaders are all too aware the traditional client/agency relationship doesn't provide long term, sustainable success for clients. Instead, you get limited access to a set of tools and techniques that vanish as soon as you change direction and move on to another vendor. The fees you pay are not an investment - they are merely a cost. While you may get more leads and more revenue, these fees don't make *you* any better and the cutting-edge innovations and techniques that produced those results don't become part of your organization's skillset.

Our job is to help you make your people more effective and your marketing campaigns more successful.

As part of the Digital Advisors Network, your organization will have access to regular live, in-person intensives, weekly check-in calls, dedicated reps to help give feedback on your strategies and campaigns, quarterly 'report cards' to gauge the success of your marketing program, and a host of other tools and benefits.

Here's how it works.

Your whole team can join our weekly check-in calls and webinars. Each week, we discuss a feature or aspect of digital marketing as well as answer specific questions from members about their campaigns.

Join us for bi-annual in-person meetings where you or your team members will get to work with our digital experts through detailed training sessions. Attendees will leave each workshop with new tools and techniques and a prioritized project plan with concrete steps for the next 180 days.

Access your dedicated digital program advisor for troubleshooting and help at any time. We can help setup campaigns, talk through issues, and suggest possible solutions to issues you and your team may have. Whether it’s web content, data integration, PPC work, search engine optimization or project management, your advisor can guide you in the right direction.

Each quarter we'll provide a scorecard and list of goals to help digital managers focus on what's important and allow their leadership to evaluate progress.

An annual summit for marketing leaders only where you will have the chance to get away from your organization’s day-to-day hustle and grind to think about your plans and ambitions for the future. The annual summit is a breakthrough workshop with likeminded peers where we show you what’s on the horizon of marketing and help you identify opportunities for future growth.

Our job is to make your people more effective while making your marketing campaigns powerfully effective.

"They cut through the confusion and help our organization identify clear, realistic business goals with our online properties."

- Mark Truluck, Founder, Cogiton Consulting

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