6. Healthy and Delicious Food Plus a Side of Mindset with Stephanie McPherson

Healthy and Delicious Food Plus a Side of Mindset: Stephanie McPherson

Stephanie McPherson is a foodie and mindset coach on a mission to change lives. We covered a ton of ground during this episode from Stephanie’s long term strategic plan to be on a stage with Bobby Flay and hear him say, “De Fa-Rekin Licous!” to the growth of her coaching business. She shares a ton of great insights about motivation, our relationship to food, and how to empower yourself to lead a more joyful life. If you want to hear the story of the world’s best brussel sprouts and how a medical device sales pro became a successful life coach and cooking show host, then listen in now.

The De Fa-Rekin Licious Community: https://www.facebook.com/Defarekinlicious

Find Stephanie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.mcpherson.18

Key ideas: Food, Cooking Show, Woman Owned Business, Life Coach, Empowered Thinking, Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, Mindset

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