8. Helping Accountants Grow Their Practices with Michelle Weinstein

Helping Accountants Grow Their Practice: Michelle Weinstein

Michelle Weinstein (AKA “The Pitch Queen”) is a Shark Tank alum, serial entrepreneur, and sales expert. We talked about her start in the prepared foods sector and how to know when to fold one business to start another. One of the biggest take-aways from our interview was the importance of finding a niche you can serve and serve well. Michelle’s entire approach as a sales coach has been to help very unsalesly businesses (accountants) get better at finding and helping great clients.

Listen in while we talk Shark Tank, life in SoCal Lockdown land, what accountants are really like once you get a few drinks in them, and the future of telemedicine.

The Pitch Queen’s home base: https://www.thepitchqueen.com/

Michelle’s Accountant Sales Consultancy: https://theabundantaccountant.com/

Free ebook that outlines her system: https://theabundantaccountant.com/5steps

Follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.weinstein

Key ideas: Consulting, Niche, Shark Tank, Woman Owned Business, Sales Training, No Sleaze Selling, Accountants

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