Making Your Data Understandable.

HELP WITH ANALYTICS IS ONE OF THE TOP SEARCHES related to digital marketing. While Analytics is one of the most powerful tools you can use to monitor your website, you have to understand how it works for it to provide any kind of real insight into your site traffic. Data means nothing if it isn't organized in a way that makes sense.

Just starting out and need to create an Analytics account? Already have an Analytics account but nobody knows how it works? We can help you with everything from initial account setup and site tracking to auditing and updating your account to make sure it’s working correctly. Plus we’ll send you monthly reports on what’s happening on your site – that you can actually use.

"They cut through the confusion and help our organization identify clear, realistic business goals with our online properties." - Mark Truluck, Founder of Cogiton Consulting

Account Setup

The first step to using your Analytics account is making sure it is setup properly. We will double check your Analytics tracking pixel or Google Tag Manager as well as the account itself to make sure all of your site data is coming through without any issues.

Monthly Reports

Get detailed monthly reports delivered straight to your email. Stop spending hours each month trying to download the data you need. Instead have it emailed to you ready for print and take it to your next meeting without thinking twice.

Filtered View Creation

Just pulling in everything that happens on your website isn't very helpful unless you can identify where the traffic is coming from and what it means. We can create account views that allow you to look a specific types of traffic and exclude all others - like internal traffic from your colleagues or spam from overseas.

Key Terms Glossery

Once you have the right numbers, how do you figure out what to do with them? We will give you a detailed explanation of the most important numbers to focus on in your account and what they mean for your site. Take the guess work out of Analytics and start making meaningful changes with numbers you actually understand.

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What do you get with our Analytics & Insight Services?

  • Analytics Account Setup
  • Detailed Account Audit
  • Site tracking Code Setup
  • Creation of Views to Filter Data
  • Identify Tracking Issues
  • Comprehensive Account Walk-Through
  • Explanation of Key Numbers
  • Monthly Reports on Site Performance
  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
  • Updates & Management of Filters
  • Analytics Setup for Site Migration
  • Regular Tips for Account Managers
  • Guided Data Pulls
  • Consultations with our Analytics Team